Die-Moulds Loading/Unloading & Storage System
    Low Cost Automation - Without use of Fork Lifts - 1000 - 2500 kgs    

We at Aditron India Pvt. Ltd. - Engineering division manufacturing a large of Die Loaders - Zero Height Lifting tables - tilting tables - Die Cart - a complete system for storage - retrieval - loading unloading of dies and moulds with low cost automation - without the use of fork lifts savings in money and time .

We offer you the following equipments - the complete systems without using a forklift, only manual pushing and pulling with ease - by one or two persons.

Process and the scope of the die - mould storage and loading - unloading will include the following :

  1. Hydraulic Hand Pump/ Power pack operated Die Loaders with rollers on top, which can take the load of heavy dies, and moulds - sizes to suit your requirements - (The die loader top can be rotatable if required).

  2. The dimension of the die loader to be informed by the user which is 20 % bigger than the largest die, (will also need minimum and maximum height required to match the loading and unloading heights).

  3. These die loaders have minimum and maximum height to match the loading unloading height of the presses and storing racks.

  4. The system will include removable roller-mounted arms, which will connect the die loaders and the presses - (these are removable type - the gap between the die loader and the press base customer need to inform).

  5. The complete system also includes storage racks of 2 tier or 3 tier depending upon the die weight and the sizes - L x W x H with rollers at the base of each bay - which makes pulling and pushing of dies easier - (the sizes of each die and number of bays required, the user need to inform).

  6. In case of heavier dies between 1000- 2500 kgs each we offer a die cart with four metal wheels which moves on fixed railway line embedded in the ground for easy and smooth movement of heavy dies and moulds - this type of system not required for small dies and moulds. Less than 1000 kgs, which can be easily handled with normal, die loaders.

  7. The super saving features are : The Dies can be stored - stacked very near to the presses which saves times in loading, unloading and transporting - no fork lift required- die loading and unloading changing time within few minutes with one or two persons - can be within 10-15 minutes.

We are sure you will be interested in the above low cost automation to save time, money and efforts.

Please send us all the inputs as requested above - we will send you the budgetary prices with specifications and once you accept the concept and out budgetary prices meets your requirements we would like to meet you at your works for detailed techno-commercial discussions.

On load trials possible at our Noida works. After order before delievery.



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